Upholstery Services



See the list below for more information about my services. In short:

  • Reupholster furniture
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Window Seats
  • Throw/Scatter pillows

Note: I don't do auto, marine, RVs, recliners, and window treatments.  

To Upholster or Not?


Such a simple question, and yet the answer is very complex.

I strongly recommend reupholstering for the following reasons:

  • Sentimental reasons
  • You love it!
  • Vintage. Quality.
  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.



Here 's what my customers have to say about the work I have done for them. 

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The fun part of the process, fabric!

I carry the following fabrics & trims:


Greenhouse Fabrics

Barrow Fabrics


Revolution Fabrics

Customer Own Material (COM)


Found a fabric you are absolutely in love with?  Thats great, but some fabrics may not be suitable for your project or your lifestyle.  I will have final approval on whether or not COM can be used for the project.

FAQs, Terms & Conditions


You have questions, I have answers. Upholstery is all about asking.  Check out the FAQs, and if you have more questions or need clarification, contact me.

More about services

Referrals for Other Services

There are many types of upholstery that I don't provide, see the list below.  However, I am tapped into a national network of professionals, so I can recommend.

  • Auto
  • Marine
  • Overstuffed, "pillow" style
  • Recliners
  • Window Treatments


I do some small repairs, very local to my location. Please send me an inquiry; I will advise if I can perform or will refer you elsewhere.

Customer feedback

"Elizabeth does incredible work! I am so pleased with how my chaise turned out. I always loved the lines and shape of my chaise, but an unfortunate cat accident had me thinking I would have to throw it away. Instead I decided to look into reupholstering with Nailed It, and I’m so glad I did. I wanted a feminine, whimsical fabric this time around and all of the work Elizabeth put into lining up the pattern really shows. The attention to detail is obvious and I am completely in love with my renewed chaise. Thank you so much!!"  

Leslie B.  Oct 28, 2018

"Couldn't be more thankful to have met and hired her for this project! Fabulous job!!!!"  

Christine G.  Aug 2017

"I found this beautiful chair for sale on FBMarket.  Most people would have passed it by.  This project is a 1960's channel back arm chair, with wood trim along the sides.  The owner had decided to paint the fabric with teal blue wall paint.  It was ghastly!  I saw beyond the paint.  I sent this project to Nailed It Upholstery.  Elizabeth, the owner, helped find the perfect fabric to compliment the wood detail.  Thanks for the beautiful work.  I'm amazed at the transformation.  5 out of 5 stars for my chair."
Susan W. April 2019