How It All Began

My love of fabrics, sewing and creating began at the age of 8 and was born of tradition, when my great grandmother started a tradition of all the girls in the family learning to sew, and the reward was a sewing machine at 18. 


My husband bought me an upholstery course for Christmas, knowing that I love creative activities. The class was one night a week for five weeks, and the class quickly became the highlight of my week.  I looked forward to the work, the creating, and the camaraderie.  Knowing that "practice makes perfect",  I chose my dining chairs. They were simple, and there were 4 of them. And I was hooked!

Lifelong Learning

Like many skilled trades, upholstery is best learned through time spent doing.  I continually attend classes in both the traditional and modern methods of upholstery and while I have been upholstering for a few years now, I still take time out to revisit the basics.  I am a founding member of the National Upholstery Association, dedicated to the support and advancement of the field of upholstery.  I also belong to many professional upholstery trade groups on social media, granting me access to a world full of skilled professionals and mentors -  lucky me!

Elizabeth DeCrescenzo, Owner


Elizabeth DeCrescenzo, the owner of Nailed It Upholstery, successfully integrates her creativity with her logical and practical skills as she passionately fulfills her upholstery customers’ dreams. Her artistic traits were developed by a life long  interest in sewing, her training in architecture and her experience in design, while her pragmatic detail orientation developed as a result of her college degree in accounting and many years of working in accounting and finance. Upholstery is both her artistic outlet and a time honored trade that she believes must be celebrated and perpetuated.