The Creative Process

It takes time for me to create your vision.  I want to make sure you get what you want.   As such, I request that you begin the inquiry process approximately 5 months before you would like it to be completed.  This will allow sufficient time for discussion of your vision, fabric selection, and final trim details.

Fabric and trim is a significant cost of upholstery, and I want to make sure you are truly happy with your selection.  I mean, why spend all the money if you only like it... on a 70s & Sunny Sunday!  I have allowed time in my process to ensure that you can live with your fabric for a few days, or even a week, if need be.

Once you have selected your final fabric and any trims, an initial deposit of 50% of the estimate, or the cost of fabric, whichever is greater, must be received in order to hold your time on the calendar.  

Fabrics & Customer Own Material (COM)

There are many qualities and characteristics of fabrics that need to be considered when selecting for a project.  When you select a fabric through me, I can advise you of the nature and use of the fabric.  How long will it last before it shows wear?  How to clean it?  Is it good for daily use?  Will the dog's nails snag it?  Will it stand up to the hot dog eating contest the kids are having?

All of these questions are left to chance with COM.  As such, I must have final approval of COM use for a project.

If the COM is excessively wrinkled, was rolled incorrectly, was folded & stored for a significant amount of time, or has flaws I reserve the right to charge a COM fee or refuse to use.

Fabric Patterns

Should you select a fabric that is a pattern, I will spend time with you to discuss how the pattern will be applied to the project. There are all sorts of super technical terms, like pattern match, center and flow, as well as a lot of questions around fabric pattern placement, but don't worry... I am here to guide you through the process.

Some patterns are incredibly difficult to match and may result in a pattern matching fee.


Like fabrics there are options!  Yes, lots of options.  And options are good, because that makes the project truly custom, truly yours.  I will work to find the best fit for you, whether that is single welt, double welt, fringe, cord, gimp, ribbon/bias, or nailhead.  Or maybe a combination?


An initial deposit is required to put you into my schedule. The deposit is usually 50% of the estimate or the cost of fabric, whichever is greater.  Final payment is due at time of pickup.

Terms & Conditions


  • Any additional instructions must be confirmed in writing and a price agreed upon for the additional work and materials, before the work can proceed. Additional work, which may not be apparent when the estimate was provided, will be  advised to the client on discovery, and a course of action agreed to. This includes frame repairs, which are hidden by upholstery.
  • I endeavor to deliver items forming part of this contract at the specified time, my obligation however, is to deliver on time providing that the materials to complete the work are available at the time the work is to be undertaken. I will keep the client informed at all times of supply problems, or other factors, which can affect delivery times.
  • All old covers will be removed prior to upholstery, these covers will be discarded unless the client advises that they are to be returned, this advice must be written into the order.
  • I will do my best to advise customers of the suitability of fabrics. Covering fabric supplied by the client is at their own risk. Shortage of covering fabric supplied by the client is the client’s responsibility and not mine.
  • Printed and woven fabrics: Where printed and woven fabrics will not pattern match accurately I will inform you for further instructions.
  • Fabrics sent direct to me must have the clients name clearly marked on the delivery note so I can check, on your behalf, that I have received the correct fabric.
  • I cannot be held responsible for fabric flaws. If I cannot cut around them you will be notified.
  • Any problems with an order, whether your (the client) fault or mine (Elizabeth DeCrescenzo), must be brought to my attention within seven days of receipt of the order. There after charges will be made for any corrections. I will not be held responsible for charges if you have another company make corrections – you will still be responsible for the original bill. Charges will be made for corrections that are not my fault.
  • I reserve the right to apply a minimum of $50.00 charge to repair accidental damage not caused by myself.
  • Payment terms: 50% of the estimate or the cost of fabric, whichever is greater, is required for us to accept an order. The balance is due on full delivery. Prices quoted for labor and materials (excluding fabric) stand for three months.  
  • Receipt of the deposit  will form an acceptance of the terms and conditions above.